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With 12 years of experience, the Weintraub Law Office team is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services in family law. Our commitment and expertise gives clients peace of mind when it comes to matters related to divorce or separation, property division, custody battles or any other pre-marriage/post-divorce issues. Driven by passion and integrity we are passionate about advocating for our client's needs with vigor while also maintaining a professional demeanor at all times. Each case receives personal attention ensuring that outstanding results will be obtained every time!

Dissolving a marriage in Washington State is often referred to as "dissolution of marriage," and can be an overwhelmed process for those involved. Fortunately, Bellevue Divorce Lawyers are available to provide expert legal guidance throughout the various facets within family law that come with divorce proceedings; particularly since it's based on no-fault grounds--which means one party does not have to prove why they want or need the divorce.


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